DAQ & Services

The Pamela subdetectors are read out and controlled by a data acquisition nsystem based around ACTEL FPGA and Analog Devices DSP. Connections beyween different system are realised with redundant data-strobe LVDS links. Each subdetector is also connected to a global trigger system and can issue alarm conditions to a housekeeping system.

The Pamela Storage and Control Unit is the unit that provides for all the control functions of all Pamela subsystems, the telecon links with the spacecraft and storage on solid state mass memory of the experiment’s data. Its core is a fully space qualified SPARC-based SBC (single board computer), with 2 modules with 4 Gb of SSMM and interface boards for communications with subsystems and satellite.
A power supply system connected with the satellite accumulator provides suitable stabilized voltages to the different instruments starting from power satellite.