Ground Segment

The ground segment of the Resurs DK1 system is located a t the Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTsOMZ) in Moscow.

The reception antenna at NTsOMZ is a parabolic reflector of 7 m diameter, equipped with an azimuth-elevation rotation mechanism, and has two frequency multiplexed radio channels. The average volume of Pamela data currently transmitted is 15 Gigabytes/day. Data received from Pamela are collected by a data-set archive server. The server calculates the downlink session quality and faulty downlink sessions can be assigned for retransmission.The downlinked data are transmitted to a server dedicated to data processing for instrument monitoring.

Raw data and preliminary processed data are moved through a normal internet line to the main storage centre in Eastern Europe, which located at MEPhI in Moscow. From here, GRID infrastructure is used to move data to CNAF (Bologna, Italy), a specialized computing centre of INFN.
Here data are accessible to all various institutions within Pamela collaboration.