Resurs DK-1 Satellite

The Resurs-DK1 satellite is manufactured by the Russian space company TsSKB-Progress to perform multi-spectra remote sensing of the earth’s surface and acquire high-quality images in near real-time. Data delivery to ground is realised via a high-speed radio link.

The main characteristics of the satellite are:

Mass: ~6.7 tons
Height: 7.4 m
Solar array span: ~14 m.
Average power (per day): 2000 W (PAMELA 360 W)
Orbit: At launch time: Elliptic, between 350 and 600 Km, inclination: 70.0°.In September 2010 the orbit was changed to a nearby circular one, at an altitude of 570 km, and it has not changed since then.

Satellite orientation:

  • Axis orientation accuracy: 0.2 arc. min
  • Angular velocity stabilization accuracy: 0.005 degree/s

Design lifetime: three years
Carrier Rocket: Soyuz-U built by TsSKB-Progress

Pamela is mounted in a dedicated Pressurized Container (PC) attached to the satellite. During launch and orbital manoeuvres, the PC is secured against the body of the satellite. During data-taking it is swung up to give Pamela a clear view into space.